About This Website

I did a lot of questions for each chapter and of course I made a lot of mistakes but as they say, “Learn from your mistakes” so I came up with NOTE, which is essentially how to prevent the same mistake from happening again. So, the next time I do that chapter, I learn all the NOTE and proceed (there you go, a million-dollar tip!)

This is my main purpose to create this website so that you don’t need to make a mistake to learn.

There were also these times when I searched for hours to understand a topic and didn’t find what I was looking for. I have also posted those topics.

Plus, I have also included some actual revision notes that I used.

Hopefully, I can change all the “I’s” to “We’s” (see Upcoming)

About Me

Hi, I am S Kumara Nidhirajan Pillay and currently I am doing National service in Singapore.

As you can see, I got pretty good grades consistently (enough of boasting) and my friends always asked me “Bro, how do you study?” and it took me a lot of time (I am talking YEARS!) for me to realize that it wasn’t “how” I studied but rather “what” I studied that shaped me because everyone has their own unique method to study, so the question was never “how” but rather “what”. Thus, I made this website to share “what” I learnt.


Initially, I started this website to post ALL my notes and then later decided to post only my Original and Unique notes because almost everyone has some form of study materials.

So, following are my upcoming plans:

  1. Enable you guys to upload your own most Original and Unique notes and make this community freaking HUUUGGGEEEEE!
  2. Increase the number of classes with your contribution.
  3. Expand to other curriculums.